Giants Win, Kelly Clarkson was Awesome, and Continues to be Classless

The title about wraps up my thoughts on the Super Bowl.

I heading over to Buffalo Wild Wings with my buddy Zoara (a Patriots fan, silly girl) to watch the game. Had some yummy food, drank some beer, was overall kind of bored with the game until the last two minutes when both of us thought we were going to pass out. Thank goodness my Giants won.

Zoara with her head on the table and me cheering after the Giants score their final touchdown.

Kelly Clarkson can sing. I’ve always maintained they should have ended American Idol after the first season. Yeah yeah yeah, Carried Underwood, blah blah – there is no other Kelly Clarkson. She is simply amazing. Except I could stand a change in her bangs. I’m sure this video will be removed from YouTube soon because the NFL owns the National Anthem. (I’m kidding, of course – but what good is this performance if it can’t be repeated? Hey NFL – put this up on YOUR YouTube channel then.)

My favorite ad was for the VW commercial with Bolt the dog!

Naked M&Ms was cute/funny, but that is very expected from them.

That about sums it up! I know I’ve been slacking on my blog posts – work is so busy that I can’t muster up the energy to do a good write up on the weekend.


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