Training Week Eight – Impromptu Race Week

This week I made the last minute decision to run a 15K race. The running store that hosts the training group I am a part of does a two race series in the fall and spring for training purposes. In all honesty, I forgot about this race until a fellow ACS teammate reminded me by tweeting about it.

Race gear! Nice switch to have a regular shirt instead of a tech shirt.
Race gear! Nice switch to have a regular shirt instead of a tech shirt.

Since 9 miles was on the schedule for the weekend, a 15K made perfect sense. I registered Wednesday morning and that kind of threw off my training for the week a little bit. I still did a total of 19.87 miles:

Monday – 5 miles, 8:36 average pace
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – 5.26 miles, 8:36 average pace
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Race day. I don’t have official results yet, but my watch results were 9.61 miles, 7:58 average pace so I’m going to use that mileage for my training log.

I decided to skip speed work this week since I had a race planned and that shaved off 6 miles of my mileage. I was going to put in 4 miles Thursday or Friday, but both days I just felt exhausted so I decided to just let myself rest so I could push myself on Saturday.

I will do a more detailed race recap this weekend, but right now I’m going to go reward myself with a nap. Hope you had a great week of running!


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