Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Five

Remember that bug I was afraid I was going to catch? Well, I caught it! I was pretty sick all last weekend and when Monday rolled around my throat was so sore I headed to the doc to make sure it wasn’t strep. Luckily, it wasn’t, but he gave me some pains meds to help out. By Wednesday night I was feeling pretty horrible so Thursday I took off from work and went back to the doctor. My bad cold had turned into a sinus infection and I got started on some antibiotics. I haven’t run since February 26th, but I’m not too worried about it. I was so tired and run down there was no way I was getting out for a run. I kept going to bed hoping I’d wake up feeling well enough to go for a little run, but nope! The positive side is that it seems this may (*fingers crossed*) have been the last very cold week of this training cycle. I’m half convinced my body shut down on me in protest of running in any more super cold weather.

Dreaming of warmer days when I can break out this baby again.
Dreaming of warmer days when I can break out this baby again.

It looks like it should be about 32 degrees for my run tomorrow morning and that should be the coldest morning of the week. Our high of 40 degrees today really made me excited to get back to my training. I’ve really struggled with the cold this winter. Not only have I had a hard time being motivated, it’s been physically hard for me to feel like I’m having a good run in the constant below-freezing weather. Running feels like it a chore when it’s that cold and don’t even get me started on having to drive to the gym multiple mornings a week to hit the treadmill when it was just too cold and/or icy. I can’t wait to just throw on a running tee and shorts and head out the door in the morning. The summer humidity doesn’t bother me much, I just slow down my pace and enjoy the summer mornings.

I’m looking forward to a productive week of training and getting back into the swing of things.

Gus is loving the sun and warmth.
Gus is loving the sun and warmth.


11 thoughts on “Capital City Half Marathon Training – Week Five

      1. How bright? Haha. Do you still have them? You needed a bright blue top. I enjoy the bright colors except they get so dirty!

    1. Yeah they stayed impressively bright. I just get whatever I try on at the store. I do think when I bought those they told me what other colors were available in my size, but they weren’t fun.

      1. Oh nice! Is that your only bright pair? I hate it when such cute bright shoes get so dirty… have you ever gone online to get yours? It has saved me money and such cute colors!

      2. I always go to a local running store and get refitted whenever I buy new shoes so I just get whatever they have. I honestly don’t pay much attention to the colors. If they’re fun and bright that’s great, but if not it doesn’t really matter to me. Fit and performance are my top criteria.

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