Weekly Wrap Up – Happy New Year & Training Starts Tomorrow!

Well this is the last of the rambling weekly wrap-ups. After 11 weeks the off season has finally come to a close and half marathon training starts up again tomorrow. But first, a little weekly recap…

My office was closed this past week which made for a relaxing week of staycation. I still got plenty of running in. Monday morning I ended up at the gym because it was pouring out. I only did 4 miles because I just wasn’t feeling the treadmill. Wednesday morning I decided to hit the local bike path and got 10 miles in solo. I love getting in a week day long run when I have the opportunity. Friday was of course the First On the First 5k and then Saturday morning I ran 7 miles with my training group. It was a solid final week of running before kicking it up a notch for training.

I went to brunch with my running buddy Katie on NYE morning. It was a chilly morning and we went to a local restaurant I hadn’t been to before. In all honesty I wasn’t crazy about my food, but my green tea was delicious and I was in good company so it was an enjoyable morning.

NYE Brunch
NYE Brunch

A few weeks ago I had made reservations for my husband and I to go to dinner at a local restaurant for NYE. It’s a spot that I’ve wanted to go to for a brunch, but we just haven’t gotten to it. We were really happy with our cocktails and dinner and we both got drinks for dessert as well!

Yummy yummy cocktail
Yummy yummy cocktail
Delicious salmon
Delicious salmon

We headed home after and played cards and then counted down to midnight. I went to bed shortly after because midnight is pretty late for me!

After my race on New Year’s day, we just enjoyed the day off and hung around the house. It was really cold, but for some reason we decided it’d be a great afternoon to take the dogs to the dog park for a bit. They actually had a blast running around and we got a lot of laughs out of watching them. As I mentioned, Saturday morning I got up and ran with my training group. Winter seems to have finally arrived just in time for training to start.

Saturday morning weather, brrrr!
Saturday morning weather, brrrr!

Luckily once the sun was out it wasn’t too bad. 7 miles felt so short and it was nice to be back with a larger group. Saturday afternoon my friend Nicole and I went out to lunch. It was nice to catch up and have some time to talk to non-running related things together!

Today was all about taking down all of the Christmas decorations and getting the house cleaned up. Now we’re all set to go back to work and really get 2016 underway.

I spent a lot of time last night solidifying my half marathon training plan. I’m actually kind of excited about diving back into training this week, but I know that 4:30 am alarm tomorrow will feel super early and the air will feel extra cold and the morning will feel extra dark! Going back to running 5 days a week will also likely feel like a shock to the system. My first two weeks of training are more of the same, easy running for 5 days a week and back to strength training. In week three I’ll start digging into speed work for about 8 weeks and the final 6 weeks will be more race-pace specific workouts. It’s a little scary looking at the overall plan, but I’m starting out determined to get it done. Hopefully the cold dark mornings won’t deter me from getting up and getting it my butt moving. I’m already longing for summer training.

If I were to race next weekend a PR would not likely be in the cards. I’m hoping the work I put in will get me where I need to be, but my March 10K will help me assess if a PR is possible. Regardless, winter training helps me stay moving and helps the time pass before the weather warms up again, so at least there’s that!

Happy New Year from Gus & Archie!
Happy New Year from Gus & Archie!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – Happy New Year & Training Starts Tomorrow!

  1. Good luck with the start of your training season! I have a few more weeks of off season before I start mine, but I am trying to get back into the habit of running regularly before it starts.

  2. I just read that you’ll be joining me at Glass City. That’s exciting! Fingers crossed the weather will be perfect and the race will go well for both of us. My training for the full is off to a rough start, so hopefully that is not a bad omen for the rest of the cycle. I feel the same way about NYE, midnight is late for me too!!

    1. Ahh we will all have to meet up. I’m excited for a more low-key race this spring that still has some good swag. Hopefully you’ll get into your groove with training, doesn’t help that winter suddenly started to show up!

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